Eurovision Song Contest : The Songtitles

The Songtitles


Title Country Year
Oui Oui Oui Oui France 1959
Ou Sont-elles Passees? Monaco 1964
Oração Portugal 1964
O Vento Mudou Portugal 1967
Oh, Oh Ik Heb Zorgen Belgium 1967
Oj, Oj, Oj, Sa Glad Jeg Skal Bli Norway 1969
Occhi Di Ragazza Italy 1970
One Day Love Ireland 1971
Old Man Fiddle Finland 1975
Oliver Norway 1979
One Step Further United Kingdom 1982
Opera Turkey 1983
Olé Olé Israel 1985
Only The Light United Kingdom 1987
Olou Tou Kosmou I Elpida Greece 1992
One Step Out Of Time United Kingdom 1992
Ostani Kraj Mene Bosnia & Herzegovina 1994
Ooh Aah ... Just A Little Bit United Kingdom 1996
O Meu Caração Nao Tem Cor Portugal 1996
One Step Austria 1997
Où Aller France 1998
One Good Reason Netherlands 1999
Once In A Lifetime Estonia 2000
On Aura Le Ciel France 2000
Out On My Own Netherlands 2001
On My Own Norway 2001
Od Nas Zavisi FYR Macedonia 2002
Open Your Heart Iceland 2003
One More Night Netherlands 2003
On Again..., Off Again... Malta 2004
Oro Serbia 2008
Ovo Je Balkan Serbia 2010
Opa Greece 2010
One More Day Georgia 2011
O Mie Moldova 2013
Only Teardrops Denmark 2013
Only Love Survives Ireland 2013
One Thing I Should Have Done Cyprus 2015
One Last Breath Greece 2015
Origo Hungary 2017
Occidentali’s Karma Italy 2017
O Jardim Portugal 2018
Outlaw In 'em Netherlands 2018