The Songtitles

Title Year
Waar Is De Zon?1994 
Wadde Hadde Dudde Da?2000 
Wait Until The Weekend Comes1985 
Walk On Water2016 
Wars For Nothing2015 
Warum Es 100.000 Sterne Gibt1967 
Warum Nur, Warum?1964 
Wat Een Dag1961 
Wat Een Geluk1960 
Watch My Dance2011 
We Are The Winners2006 
We Could Be The Same2010 
We Got Love2018 
We Will Be Free (Lonely Symphony)1994 
Weil Der Mensch Zhlt2003 
Weil's Dr Guat Got1996 
Welche Farbe Hat Der Sonnenschein1984 
We'll Live It All Again (Lo Rivivrei)1976 
Wenn Du Da Bist1981 
Wer Liebe Lebt2001 
We've Got The World2003 
What About My Dreams2011 
What If2013 
What If We2009 
What's Another Year?1980 
What's The Pressure2016 
When Spirits Are Calling My Name2000 
When The Music Dies2012 
When We're Old2018 
When You Need Me1999 
Where Are You?1998 
Where I Am2017 
White And Black Blues1990 
Why Do I Always Get It Wrong?1989 
Why Me?1992 
Wijs Me De Weg1992 
Wild Dances2004 
Wir Geben 'ne Party1994 
Without You2004 
Without Your Love2001 
Without Your Love?2006 
Wohin Kleines Pony1957 

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