Eurovision Final Entries

Song Nr Year Country Artist Title Points Place Details

Blas Cantó, Spain, 2020 A037  2020
Spain  Blas Cantó  Universo     View Details A037-01-01-00 details
Tom Leeb, France, 2020 A038  2020
France  Tom Leeb  Mon Alliée (The Best In Me)     View Details A038-01-01-00 details
James Newman, United Kingdom, 2020 A039  2020
United Kingdom  James Newman  My Last Breath     View Details A039-01-01-00 details
Diodato, Italy, 2020 A040  2020
Italy  Diodato  Fai Rumore     View Details A040-01-01-00 details
Jeangu Macrooy, Netherlands, 2020 A041  2020
Netherlands  Jeangu Macrooy  Grow     View Details A041-01-01-00 details

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