Malta 1992

Mary Spiteri, Malta, 1992
Artist : Mary Spiteri
Title : Little Child
Place : 3
Points : 123
Language: English
Text : Raymond Mahoney
Music : Georgina Abela
Conductor : Paul Abela
Startposition: 10

Little child, your look - it pains me
It's an answer your eyes seek
Can't you see what shadow of a soul
I've come to be tired of the scene

Little child, come sit beside me
It's so much I have to say
Stay as free as high winds on the seas
No destiny bringin' lonely tears

Smile, live today, and leave the past behind
Live it up day by day, and surely you may find
That both sorrow and tomorrow
Aren't worth a thought or two
Look at me and teach me to live again

Little child, your look elates me
It's an answer your eyes give
Now, you see, I'm on the road again
I'm bringin' out what child there's in me

Smile, live today, and leave the past behind
Live it up day by day, and surely you may find
That both sorrow and tomorrow
Aren't worth a thought or two
Look at me and teach me to live again
Live again

Sing, live today, this moment can't endure
Oh... let us reach for the stars - we'll make it, I'm that sure
Be it sadness, be it gladness, we can start it all anew
Look at me, look at me, and the sun comes shining through


Malta gave points to :
Country Points
Ireland 12
Luxembourg 10
Turkey 8
Israel 7
United Kingdom 6
Italy 5
Austria 4
Yugoslavia 3
Spain 2
Cyprus 1

Malta received points from :
Country Points
Sweden 12
Portugal 12
Luxembourg 12
Spain 12
Belgium 10
Yugoslavia 10
Ireland 10
Iceland 8
Denmark 8
Austria 8
Greece 7
Switzerland 5
Netherlands 5
Italy 3
Cyprus 1

Total points : 123


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Total Entries : 16

# Artist Title Points Place

Alex Schembri Int / Don't Leave Without Me   
Enzo Guzman Tkellem Bil-Fjuri / Sunshine And Rainbows   
Godwin Lucas Imhabba Fil-Harifa / Autumn Love   
Moira Stafrace Tchidlix / Don't Throw Your Love Away 2  
Mike Spiteri Paceville / Lonely People 3  
Philisienne Brincat Flimkien / Together   
Renato Jekk L-eku Ta'dal Kliem / Fading Love   
Marthese Tanti Gardina Tal-holm / Garden Of Dreams   
Helen Micallef Mat-tnehid Tal-mewg / Yearning   
10  Mary Spiteri Tfajjel Ckejken / Little Child 1  Winner

Semi-Final 1 | Maltese
Catherine Vigar U Int Ghalfejn   
Leontine & Q Factory Fejn Jien   
Carmen Schembri Ghal Dejjem Tul Iz-zmien   
David Xuereb Qalb Ma Thobbx   
Peter Baldacchino Issa Li Ga Zernaq   
Doreen Galea Mank Li L-bierah Kien Illum   
Vince Fabri Vjola   
Suzanne Borg Bla Firdiet   
The Greenfields Meta X-xitan Jiltaqa' Ma' Anglu   
10  Manolito Il-villagg   
11  Alexander Schembri Int    Finalist
12  Enzo Guzman Tkellem Bil-fjuri    Finalist
13  Godwin Lucas Imhabba Fil-harifa    Finalist
14  Moira Stafrace Tchidlix    Finalist
15  Mike Spiteri Paceville    Finalist
16  Philisienne Brincat Flimkien    Finalist
17  Renato Jekk L-eku Ta'dal Kliem    Finalist
18  Marthese Tanti Gardina Tal-holm    Finalist
19  Helen Micallef Mat-tnehid Tal-mewg    Finalist
20  Mary Spiteri Tfajjel Ckejken    Finalist

Semi-Final 2 | English
Catherine Vigar And Why   
Leontine & Q Factory With Every Day   
Carmen Schembri Winds From Yesterday   
David Xuereb Caged Heart   
Peter Baldacchino End Of A Love Song   
Doreen Galea Wish It Were Still Yesterday   
Vince Fabri Over And Over Again   
Suzanne Borg Shooting The Breeze   
The Greenfields When The Devil Meets An Angel   
10  Manolito Is It Too Much To Pretend   
11  Alexander Schembri Don't Leave Without Me    Finalist
12  Enzo Guzman Sunshine And Rainbows    Finalist
13  Godwin Lucas Autumn Love    Finalist
14  Moira Stafrace Don't Throw Your Love Away    Finalist
15  Mike Spiteri Lonely People    Finalist
16  Philisienne Brincat Together    Finalist
17  Renato Fading Love    Finalist
18  Marthese Tanti Garden Of Dreams    Finalist
19  Helen Micallef Yearning    Finalist
20  Mary Spiteri Little Child    Finalist

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