Slovenia 2011

Maja Keuc, Slovenia, 2011
Artist : Maja Keuc
Title : No One
Place : 13
Points : 96
Language: English
Text : Urša Vlašič
Music : Matjaž Vlašič
Startposition: 20

And you came to me one night,
Like a morning light,
Just to hold me tight
Then you left and I was so alone,
Saying I should’ve known,
You’re no good for me.

There’s no reason I should cry
No, no baby, I’ll survive,
I don’t care,
I don’t care

No one will ever hold you tight,
No one will ever love you like,
Just no one like I do,
There is no one, no one
No one will ever treat you right,
You’re the one who’s never satisfied,
There is no one like I … like I am.

I can feel what you’re looking for,
I’m not that girl no more
I’m not made of stone
I’m gonna stand on my own,
Not gonna break me down
No one will stop me now
No, no, no, no,
‘Cause life is kind without you,
And I know I can make it through
Without you

Life goes all around
Round and round and round
I feel love for sure
And it’s gonna get you,

Life goes all around
Spinning all around
Now you want me, don’t you

No one will ever hold you tight, (hold you tight)
No one will ever love you like, (love you like)
Now you’re back, I can feel your love,
O yeah, I’m never gonna let you,
No one will ever treat you right, (treat you right)
You’re the one who’s never satisfied, (satisfied)
After all, you can fall,
And there’s no one you can reach to

No one will ever, ever love you
No one will ever, ever touch you,
No one will ever, ever hold you,
Turn around now, just turn around now
If you love me yeah
No one like me
No one
No one


Title Version Language Time Year Media
No One English 3:01 2011 CD
No One Indigo Remix   English 3:02 2011 CD
Vanilija Slovenian 3:00 2011 CDs
Vanilija Remix   Slovenian 3:04 2012 CD
No One English   Karaoke 3:01 2011 Digital
Vanilija Slovenian   Karaoke 3:00 2011 CDs
No One Instrumental 3:02 2011 CDs

Total Versions : 7

Slovenia gave points to :
Country Points
Bosnia-Herzegovina 12
Serbia 10
Denmark 8
Germany 7
Ukraine 6
Austria 5
Sweden 4
Italy 3
Spain 2
United Kingdom 1

Slovenia got points from :
Country Points
Bosnia-Herzegovina 12
Croatia 12
Serbia 10
FYR Macedonia 10
Denmark 7
Hungary 6
Cyprus 6
Russia 5
Romania 4
Austria 3
Latvia 3
Israel 3
Malta 3
Turkey 2
Ireland 2
Estonia 2
Netherlands 2
San Marino 1
Germany 1
Slovakia 1
Portugal 1

Total points : 96


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Total Entries : 14

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Total Entries : 18

# Artist Title Points Place

Final | 27 February
Rock Partyzani Time For Revolution   
Tabu Moje Luci   
Nina Pušlar Bilo Lepo Bi   
Maja Keuc Vanilija   
Feliks Langus Disko Raj   
LeeLooJamais Slovenka   
April Ladadidej   
Sylvain, Mike Vale & Hannah Mancini Ti Si Tisti   
Time to Time Pravi Cas   
10  Omar Naber Bistvo Skrito Je Ocem   

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