Details : Norway 1973 (0261-01-01-00)

Bendik Singers, Norway, 1973 box
Bendik Singers
It's Just A Game
Arne Bendiksen
Arne Bendiksen
Carsten Klouman

Lyrics : It's Just A Game

box box Pour chercher la femme (Oh... when we)
Ne fais pas de drame (Pet, don't you)
Ne dis pas 'mon me' (Get all up-)
It's just a game (Set, it's a)
Messieurs et Mesdames (Game, place your)
Faites vos jeux, it's just a (Bet, play the)
Game (Game, come on and join us)
(It's a game of girl-and-boyness)

So when we (Pour chercher la femme)
Pet, I won't (Ne fais pas de drame)
Get all up- (Ne dis pas 'mon me')
Set, it's a (It's just a game)
Game, place your (Messieurs et Mesdames)
Bet, play the (Faites vos jeux, it's just a)
Game (Game)
O Mama mia

Don't make a big hassle (Let's not build a castle)
Caro, querido mine (Cara, querida mine)
I love you, (Oh, je t'aime, je t'aime)
M'aimez-vous? (Yes, I do)
Always toujours, yeah, fine

So don't you upset us (Chercher la)
Stay loose and just pet her (femme, ce)
Keep cool and you'll get her (n'est pas un)
It's just a game (drame, a-)
You'll find it's much better (lors, Messieurs)
Keep in mind it's just a (Dames, un)
Game (Game, come on and live now)
Oui, Messieurs (Give all you can give now)
Dames, un (Live and give and play the)
Game (Game)

So don't you upset her, keep cool and you'll get her
Hey, cats can play house here, but who is playing the mouse here?
Oh, what a game, it's just a game
So it's no wrong (to sing this song)
('Cause it has a moral)
(It's to love and not to quarell)

(It's really much better)
Stay loose and just pet her
(Keep cool and you'll get her)
It's just a game
Quel jeu, mon Dieu
Mon Dieu, quel jeu
We're giving our all and just living and balling
O goeie genade

Don't make a big hassle (No, don't build a castle)
Sag' nur 'Ich liebe dich'
Yekiri (Dargi, rakkani)
Yekiri (O chrie)
Klingt ja so schn fr mich

Pour chercher la femme (So don't you)
Ne fais pas de drame (Fret, on your)
Ne dis pas 'mon me' (Mark, now get)
It's just a game (Set, come on)
Messieurs et Mesdames (Make like a)
Faites vos jeux, it's just a (Jet, 'cause this)
Game (Game's a way to catch her)
Oui, Messieurs (Come, darlin', ma cuisle)
Dames, un (Come, ma cuisle, play the)
Game (Game)

It's just a game, oh, what a game
Oui, oui, chri (Oh... we can see)
L'amour... love's a game so
Mmm... skl!

Norway 1973 Versions :


Total Versions : 2

Norway 1973 points :

Gave points to : 

Sweden 8
Luxembourg 8
Switzerland 7
United Kingdom 7
Ireland 6
Finland 6
Portugal 5
Italy 5
Israel 5
Netherlands 5
Spain 4
Germany 4
France 4
Monaco 3
Belgium 3
Yugoslavia 2

Got points from : 

Israel 9
Finland 8
Switzerland 7
Monaco 7
Luxembourg 7
Germany 6
Spain 6
Yugoslavia 6
France 6
Portugal 5
Belgium 5
Italy 5
Sweden 3
Netherlands 3
Ireland 3
United Kingdom 3

Total points : 89

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Norway 1973 Public National Final :

#ArtistTitle PlacePoints
Gro Anita Schnn Rett deg opp   29   
Stein Ingebritsen Rett deg opp   29   
Anne-Karine Strm Det var jo sant   40   
Benny Borg Det var jo sant   40   
Ellen Nikolaysen Om du kunne   40   
Anne-Lise Gjstl Om du kunne   40   
Ola Neergaard, Gro Anita Schnn,Stein Ingebritsen & Inger-Lise Rypdal for et spill   50   
The Bendik Singers for et spill   50   
Lillian Harriet Alternativ   36   
10  Inger-Lise Rypdal Alternativ   36